Job description: A Research Investigator position is available within the Scent R&D division at one of the world’s best fragrance and flavor companies. This New Jersey based position is one that offers the ability to practice state of the art green and sustainable catalysis for the discovery of scent molecules and/or materials, drive molecule discovery innovation and reaction technology development (new capabilities), contribute to process innovation, and be a key contributor to IFF’s portfolio transformation to market leading eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients.
September 16, 2021

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Job description: We are looking for a Catalyst Scientist to take a leading role in a chemical engineering team that supports and helps build our prototype products. You will work with technical and cross-functional teams to conceptualize, develop, prepare and test novel catalytic materials.
Job description: We are looking for a Chemical Engineer to support and help build our prototype products. You will work with technical and cross-functional teams to develop novel reactors to meet and exceed their prototype goals.
September 28, 2021
September 28, 2021
October 3, 2021
Job description: Do you have a background in market research and data gathering/analysis with some experience in project management and sales? Have you worked in either the consulting services or catalyst/chemical industries? If so, consider joining our team at The Catalyst Group (TCG)! We are currently seeking a dynamic and highly-qualified Project Manager to assist consultants with in-depth market research and analysis, with some project management, personnel supervisory and sales experience, for project execution, proposal assembly, programs, publications and studies.
October 21, 2021
September 24, 2021
Description: This ExxonMobil-funded research project project will investigate partial alkane oxidation on Mg-V-O mixed metal oxide catalysts to improve alkene selectivities and formation rates using a combination of : density functional theory (DFT), kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC), and machine learning (ML) techniques.
Description: In this position, you will finalize the design of a liquid cell for solid/liquid interface studies with ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron (APXPS) and X-ray absorption (XAS) spectroscopies. You will study chemical and electronic structures of dye-sensitized solar cells and their components, including pH dependent behavior and oxidation/reduction chemistry. In this position, you will be a member of the Interface Science and Catalysis Group working under the supervision of Ashley Head. Though the position is centered at the CFN, you will work in collaboration with staff at NSLS-II and the Chemistry Division.